p5- m3 unit 9 design a promotional campagin for a given product service

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Campaign Name and Type: Pop Boutique, TV advert, newspaper, bill boards Planned Launch Date: June 2013

Primary Purpose or Objective
What is the main outcome you intend to achieve? Tie it back to the relevant marketing objective. Pop Boutique is a business which is based in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and London. This company is looking to expand their business nationally and wants a full scale marketing campaign to support its strategy.

The company also has many smart objectives to achieve, e.g. they are looking for awareness of the brand, growth and sales to make more profit. However these objectives have to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time scale) in order to be successful and to see whether the company is developing or not.

Pop Boutique has £500,000 to spend for marketing campaign to support its strategy for up to 8 weeks.

Pop Boutique wants to grow their business nationally by the end of 2013.

The company wants to raise brand awareness in the UK by 2013.

Because of having these objectives the main outcome which I am intended to achieve is to decide the appropriate method of advertising for the pop boutique company. I can do this by using TV advert, newspapers, bill boards, radio etc. it is extremely important for me to ensure that I stay in budget and produce these campaigns for pop boutiques. The company aim is to increase the sales by 25%. I can make the appropriate camping by using the right type of media to make people aware of my product, as this can help to achieve the company’s aim.

Intended Results
List any other desired outcomes of the campaign.2
Increase awareness
When working in business environment it is important for Pop boutique to be able to stay ahead they need to increase the brand awareness. Because of this campaign the business would also increase their awareness in the public. Their aim is to grab their consumer’s attention about their business and the unique product. This outcome will help them to build public relation, because of advertising different ways they can increase the awareness of their products, which can help them to increase the sales. 2

Increase sales
The Pop boutique business is also looking to increase their sales so they could make more profit. They are looking for this outcome because they are aiming to expand the business nationally and this is only possible, if they can increase their sales and make more profit. 3

Increase market share
The main outcome is to increase the market share. This can be achieved through repetition and awareness, which makes positive, signs for the public, therefore people more likely to use Pop Boutique’s products. The company can increase market shares as having more customers in the business. 4

Increase profit
Through advertisement and campaign, the Pop boutique well get well known in the public, because of this more people will going to shop from there, and also will going to recommend Pop boutique to friend and family , because of this more people will going to shop with them and they will going to make more profit. 5

Reputation of customers
The Pop Boutique is aiming to ensure that their customers’ repeat their business and want their customers to buy their products regularly as well as recommend other about Pop Boutique’s unique products.

Target Audience
Identify the target market through segmentation. A market segment may be related to gender, age, hobbies, house type, occupation etc.

Pop Boutique is an expensive organisation and their main target audience are people who have some disposable income because they have expensive prices for their product. People who like vintage clothes and wants to look like celebrities would be Pop Boutique’s customers. Target audience would be age 16 to 40 these includes teenagers because young people prefer to wear expensive, unique and fashionable clothes and also pop boutique has good brand loyalty, that’s why...
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