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Arianna Cosme

English 1005 - Tessier

Compare and Contrast

October 15, 2014

Summer vs. Winter

Although summer and winter both occur when the Earth is titled toward the sun, there are very different seasons. The first and most obvious difference between summer and winter is the weather. During the summertime the days are warm and sunny. Temperatures range from 70° and above with a slight breeze, making it enjoyable to be outside. Toward the end of summer people tend to worry about hurricanes and tornadoes. On the other hand, winter days are cold and dark. There is a constant freezing chill making temperatures drop below zero. Normally there are worries about serious snow storms and blizzards. Another noticeable difference between summer and winter consist of the types of activities people participate in during the two seasons. Summer activities tend to involve being outdoors. For example people enjoy trips to the beach, family cookouts, swimming and even long walks. The sounds of kids riding their bikes and fireworks crackling can be heard throughout the days. However, in the winter people occasionally enjoy outdoors activities like sledding, ice skating and snowboarding. Generally during the winter though, people spend most of their time participating in indoor activities like watching movies, readings books, and baking sweets. For the reason that climates are drastically different during the summer and winter, these is also a huge difference in the way a person is dressed. During the summer people dress lightly, wearing simple t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, and bathing suits. Hats are typically worn to keep the sun out of people's faces. Since the temperatures are high there is no need for any extra clothing or layering. Unlike while in the winter time multiple layers are worn to keep warm. People dress in heavy sweaters, long pants, thick coats, and boots. Hats are also worn during the winter, but not to block the sun but instead to keep the heat...
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