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Topics: Unicorn, Difference, Piece Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: November 8, 2010
The Hunt of the Unicorn (1937) by Franco-Flemish
Approx 12 f.t 1 in. X 8 ft. 3 in.
Silk and wool, silver and silver-gilt threads.
Viewed at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (1937).

Tar Beach (1988) by Faith Ringgold
Approx 74 5/8 in X 68 ½ in.
Acrylic on Canvas boardered with printed, painted, quilted, and pieced cloth. Viewed at Guggenheim Museum, New York (1988).

Compare and Contrast Essay of The Hunt of the Unicorn, and Tar Beach
In the art work of Franco Flemish, The Hunt of the Unicorn, and Faith Ringgold Tar Beach, there are some similarities and some differences. The two pieces were very interesting to study and I learned a lot about them each. When you compare them side by side you can see all the similarities, and the differences that these two works of art hold.

When you compare The Hunt of the Unicorn and Tar Beach you will see many similarities that are visible to the eye without doing any research. The first of which is the dark backgrounds. They both have lighter colors in them that make the picture stand out, but a majority of the colors are dark. They are calm and flow well there is not a lot happening in each piece of art. In each there is one piece that is a little active. In the Hunt of the Unicorn, the unicorn is in motion, and in Tar Beach the girl is flying across the bridge. Another similarity in these pieces of Art works is that they each tell a story. This is not so obvious until you research the two pieces of Art. The Hunt of the Unicorn is a fictional story about a unicorn being alive again, chained and entrapped, but seemingly content in its paradise garden. It appears to be bleeding from the hunt wounds but actually those are pomegranate seeds and dripping juices from the stylized tree (Freeman). It is a story about love of all kind. Tar Beach is a fictional story of an African-American/Indian family who would sleep on the roof top of their apartment building on hot summer nights (Sayre). The story was...

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