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By jeasica2 Jul 29, 2014 1081 Words
EAP Compare and contrast essay, Week 10 (28-31 July 2014)
Compare learning English in Mexico to learning English in Australia.

Paragraph 1: Introduction
What do you think about learn English in your country compared to learn in Australia? Is a question that everyone ask when choosing where study English. The class structure, teachers and the environment outside class are 3 areas that relate to studying at home or overseas. All has an important influence when studying English. In the first place, there are many similarities and differences between choosing study English in your country to study English in other country, but in general there are more differences. Both options can be beneficial when you decide study English. In this essay will be discuss all the similarities and differences between learn English in Mexico to learn English in Australia, mention the class structure, teachers and the environment outside class. Paragraph 2: Sub topic 1 – Compare (‘Class Structure’) To begin with classes with 15-20 students in a classroom, this can be change all the time is not exactly always but it is the common number of students. Secondly, the teachers teach grammar, speaking, writing, listening and reading. There are exams or tests every week and it is important to pass them. Thirdly, everyone can learn English in a private school or in English courses. You need to take a course to present the TOEFL or IELS. Paragraph 3: Sub topic 1 - Contrast

To begin with Mexico, there are only 3 levels of English: basic, intermediate and advance. However, is not to common to teach pronunciation. Studying in your country is cheaper than studying in overseas. The classes during about one or two and half hours. Instead, in Australia are more levels for English, also academic English. You can decide to do a Bachelor or study the University. Although, is more expensive and the classes are full time.. If you study in Mexico, depend the course that you want to take, maybe for 6 months or a couple of weeks. You know that the English School is near your house or you only need to drive. But if you decide to study in Australia you need to stay in that country no less than 4 months and can decide to stay more than 1 year with the possibility to extend more.

Paragraph 4: Sub topic 2 – Compare (‘Environment outside class’) In Mexico like in Australia moreover, you can meet new people , and a great point is that all those people take the course for learn a new language, English. It is a good way to open more your ideas about learning English because every different person that you meet have different ways or manners and you can learn about all these stuff too.

Paragraph 5: Sub topic 2 - Contrast
In Mexico, after English classes you still speak your own language (Spanish). As well, you are near you family and friends, with all the things that you know. For example, food, public transport, the City, etc. However can be a slow process for learn English. On the other hand, in Australia you speak English all the time, in school, in the street, in the place that you live. Every time. Althought, study English in Mexico has less possibilities to meet people from others parts of the world, it is more common to meet new people from Mexico, but if you decide to leran English in Australia you meet people from over the world.

Paragraph 6: Sub topic 3 – Compare (‘Teachers’)
First in Mexico and in Australia the English teachers speak very well English. They have a certificate or accreditation to confirm that they can teach this language. In classes there is only one teacher to teach everything. Such as, grammar, speaking, reading, writing, listening, everything. And the same teacher does the tests or exam for the students. There are many kinds of teachers. For example, funny, strict, serious, easy going, difficult, and every teacher has their different way to teach English. Paragraph 7: Sub topic 3 – Contrast

On the contrary, in Mexico the teachers are from the same country, they need to learn English before teach to students. Sometimes or in general it is more common to communicate in a formal way or depend the teachers but this happened more when you study the high school. In Australia whereas, great point is that the teachers are natives they talk naturally English, and a better point is that can be teachers from others parte of the world. For example: England, from America, New Zeland, etc. There are more easy going and it is good for the person who start to learn English because their listen accent, pronunciation, the native language Paragraph 8: Conclusion

In conclusion, It is important to mention that everyone to choose study English must to study hard and be concentrating all the time. Nevertheless, there are people whom get quickly English because is easier for others. Study English for first time could be difficult, because it is a new and different language. A good point is that all the people that you can meet have similar purpose and you cannot feel bad for known English or for learn slowly. Additionally, you need to know that Australia is totally opposite from Mexico it is so far. And for a long time you will live far from your country, family and friends, and maybe you can have ‘homesick’ for a short period or always. But the experience that you can have when you learn English in Australia is one of the biggest goals. For instance, you meet people from over around the world, but sometimes you only meet people to come to study English not native people. For example, you have many new friends from Thailand, Korea, and Brazil but maybe you don’t know anybody from Australia. Further to this, study in other country has more extra qualities, for example: you can mention in your resume that you learn English in Australia and has experience in different things. And all this can help you to find a better job. Study English can open more doors in different ways, whatever you decide if study in Mexico or in Australia, but choose study in Australia can change the way that you see the live in many amazing ways.

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