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A Journey Towards Discovery
Throughout history human beings have had an insatiable desire to venture into uncharted territories and discover the unknown. There are countless examples of historic and modern figures and their quest toward knowledge of the unseen. Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong were two of the greatest figures in history that paved the way toward discovering new territories that had not been so vastly known by men before. They were both scientific explorers and supporters of knowledge and discovery. Their contributions in the fields of scientific discovery is widely known and considered to be a mile stone for new generations. They were both explorers, travelled great distances and were the first of their generation to discover a new place that was not well known to man. Although they were from different time and their journeys involved different means of travel and their quests were the same, discovering new places.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who spent his early life studying language, astronomy, geography and history (Wikipedia 8). He spent his adult life studying the ocean and appealing to the king Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to grant him financial support and a vessel to travel the vast seas in search of new land (Wikipedia 28). He was an explorer at heart and after many failed attempts to impress the king and queen, he was finally granted ships and the finances to discover new land in favor of Spain. He embarked on four major voyages and on his fourth voyage he set foot on the Americas (Wikipedia 29). Though he was not the first man or the first European to set foot in the Americas, he however, is considered to be the first European explorer to discover the Americas as we know and set routes for the rest of the world to follow.

Just as Christopher Columbus was a pioneer in his field of ocean discovery, so was Neil Armstrong a...

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