Henry Hudson

Topics: Henry Hudson, United States, Hudson Bay Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Considered one of the world's most famous explorers, Henry Hudson actually never found what he was looking for. He spent his life searching for different routes to Asia, but he ended up opening the door to further exploration and settlement of North America. Even though many places are named after him, Henry Hudson remains an elusive figure. There is little information available about the famous explorer's life before his first journey as a ship's commander in 1607. It is believed that he learned about the seafaring life firsthand, perhaps from fishermen or sailors. He must have had a talent for navigation early on, enough to merit becoming a commander in his late twenties. Before 1607, Hudson probably worked aboard other ships before commanding his own. Some sources say he was married to a woman named Katherine and they had three sons together. Henry Hudson made 4 journeys in his life. In 1607, an English Firm gave Hudson the task of finding a route to Asia. They left in spring, but still dealt with extremely cold weather, as they sailed around Greenland and explored some of the surrounding islands. They soon turned back, with nothing to give the firm but information about a new whale hunting territory. One year later, Hudson left to find a Northern route to Asia. He only made it to a group of islands, or an archipelago, north of Russia, named Novaya Zemlya. Thick ice prevented him from going any further so he turned back, going home to England. In 1609, Hudson joined the Dutch East India Company as a commander. He then commandeered the Half Moon, with the same intention off discovering a northern route to Asia by heading north of Russia. Again ice turned him back, but this time he did not head to England. John Smith had told him about a route to Asia via North America, so he sailed west across the Atlantic to North America. Him and his crew landed in what is now Nova Scotia, and traded with some of the local Native Americans. He then proceeded to sail...
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