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By trishhunt69 Apr 27, 2014 1251 Words

Small College Campus vs. Large College Campus

When trying to decide which college to attend one of the most important things to figure out is if you want to attend a small college campus or a large college campus. Are you the type of person that looks foward to going to college to meet lots of new people or being up in the stands with thousands of other people cheering on your school basketball or football team? Or are you the type of person who likes getting to know all your classmates and professors and getting more one on one time with the professors to ask each and every question you have? These are some of the things you need to think about when choosing whether or not you want to go to a small or large campus.

When trying to decide between a small or large college you need to compare the cost of each. Most people decide to go to the smaller colleges because they are always cheaper than the larger colleges. But for which ever college you decide to go to you need to remember that there is always scholorships for each that you can apply for that will help you pay for it. Also decide whether you are going to stay in state or go out of state for college. After most people graduate they have big plans of leaving the state and pursuing their dreams elsewhere but sometimes the cost of tuition can make your change your mind. Whichever college, small campus or large, both has a cost change for out of state so make sure you check that out as well when making your decision.

Going to a large college would give you the opportunity to meet lots of new people but that also means that you will have alot more people in your classes so the professors will not have time to answer every question you may have because they will have a room full of other people they will have to attend to as well. If you have alot of questions they will make you schedule a time to meet with the professor so they can help you. Although if you choose to go to a smaller college you will be able to build a stronger bond with your professor and not have to schedule a time to meet with him/her . The professor will have time to come around and answer each and every question the students have because they will not have that many students in the class. You will also have a chance to have a closer bond with all of the students in the classroom because there will not be that many people in the classroom so you will get a chance to meet each and every one of them. Choosing to go to a smaller college also means that the professor will be teaching you the whole time and not the teaching assistants or the graduate students. At smaller colleges the professors will make sure they pay close attention while grading your work and offer some suggestions and feedback on your papers unlike they are able to do at the larger schools because they have so many papers to go through and they never have time to write helpful notes on your paper.

Another thing about the larger schools is they will generally have more majors available than in the smaller schools which would be very helpful for the students that are coming in undecided on what their major is going to be. In a bigger campus there is a wider variety of classes and and more space in the campus to provide for the students. Larger campuses also provide a much nicer library with all the updated books and technology that the students will need and they leave the library open most of the night. Most of the smaller campuses have a library too but it isn't as updated as the ones in the larger campuses.

The size of the campus can have a huge impact on the amount of opportunities for different activites. Although there is alot of different activites it could still be difficult to be apart of them or get the spot you wanted since there is so many people on campus. The more students , the greater your competition. At the smaller colleges students may find it easier to stand out or get the part they wanted in the activities that the smaller colleges do offer. They may not have all the same exact activites as the larger colleges have due to the fact that the smaller campuses don't have as much room but they do have a few activities available. The size of the campus can also affect the students social life. You may think that the people at the smaller colleges seem friendlier than those at the larger colleges but that's only because you are likely to run into the same people everyday. Once you make a few friends at the larger campuses, even they begin to feel like home.

A big problem people usually have is getting lost on the first few days of college. When attending smaller colleges it's alot easier to navigate around and figure out where you are going. It usually doesn't take students long to get the hang of the things and figure out where all of their classes are located but when going to a larger campus it's a whole lot more difficult. There is a whole lot more buildings and different rooms, it is alot easier to get lost. That's the last thing you need on your first day of college is to get lost and stress you out even more than you already are.

One thing that is really good about the larger campuses is their athletics . If you're the type of person that looks forward to tailgating parties or packed stadiums then a large college would be the one for you. Although small colleges have athletic opportunites and they are some social outings as well it is a totally different experience. Small college athletics are more for the people who are wanting to play at the moment but don't plan to make a career out of it. Also if you have plans to join a fraternity or a sorority the smaller colleges probably aren't the place you want to go too, that's more for the larger colleges.

One other thing about the large campuses is the dorm rooms. They are usually the only campuses that offer those. The smaller campuses sometimes have the off campus housing but not the dorm rooms. Most new students heading off to college look foward to getting there own dorm room and having the whole college experience so if you are one of those students then you should consider going to the large campuses.

Whether it's a large college campus or a small college campus you see that there are many advantages, disadvantages and even similarities for both of them. Just make sure an do your research before making your final decision on the college you will be attending so you can make sure that the college you choose will have everything you need to pursue your career.

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