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Both of Everett C. Marm in “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ said The Ticktockman” and Everett in the story “Super Goat Man” shared many similar and different elements. Everett C. Marm was trying to be a rebel to the strict society he was living in and always tried hard to go against all the enforced rules, the Ticktockman and Alice, his partner. On the other hand, Everett in “Super Goat Man” had followed the conformity of the society with the existence of the Super Goat Man. Next, both Everetts had their own resolutions of maintaining the status quo regarding the social issues that they were facing. Provided that, Lethem’s Everett might think Ellison’s Everett is somebody who’s recklessly having an attempt to change his strict government by using violence.

In “‘Repent, Harlequin!’ said The Ticktockman,” Harlan Ellison had done a great job describing the story, which took place in the far future and everything was in the time manner. According to Ellison, everything in the future will be enforced strictly by laws and rules included the time. Besides those principles were strictly enforced, the Ticktockman also played a very important role in the story because he was assigned to keep track of the times of every person. He strictly took time off from anybody’s life if he or she arrives late to work or to any scheduled appointment. Overall, the Ticktockman basically resembled a strict government to control everything in the society; every person was required to follow him. Consequently, Harlequin or Everett C. Marn found that the rule was unfair and too difficult to follow because he is a late person. Moreover, Marn arrived late almost everywhere and anywhere, even he was late to see Pretty Alice, his partner. Not being able to obey any rules, he decided to fight against the Ticktockman’s ideas and the society’s solemn enforcements. Hence, Everett C. Marm became a rebel to the society he was living in.

While Ellison’s Everett acting out his rebellious act to his society,...
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