Comparative Studies of Fast Food

Topics: Sociology, Factors of production, Motivation Pages: 4 (563 words) Published: June 19, 2013
1.Keeping in mind the comparison of male and female entrepreneurs, what are the technical and social barriers faced by women entrepreneurs as compared with men in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, women entrepreneurs do not enjoy the same opportunities as men due to a number of deep-rooted discriminatory socio-cultural values and traditions. Furthermore, these restrictions can be observed within the support mechanisms that exist to assist such fledgling businesswomen. The economic potential of female entrepreneurs is not being realised as they suffer from a lack of access to capital, land, business premises, information technology, training and agency assistance. Inherent attitudes of a patriarchal society, that men are superior to women and that women are best suited to be homemakers, create formidable challenges. Women also receive little encouragement from some male family members, resulting in limited spatial mobility and a dearth of social capital. The research suggests that in order to foster development, multi-agency cooperation is required. The media, educational policy makers and government agencies could combine to provide women with improved access to business development services and facilitate local, regional and national networks. This would help integration of women entrepreneurs into the mainstream economy

Entrepreneurs’ personal attributes
Human capital (education and experience)
Demographics (age, marital status, children)
Motivations (aspirations and goals)
Founding strategies (strategies and management teams)
Initial capital resources (debt, equity, financing)
Investment process (structure, stage)
Networks (family and social)
Inhibiting factors (barriers and obstacles)
International (countries, international comparisons)
Public Policy/Government

2.Please list down at least five practical suggestions to remove technical and social barriers of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Women become entrepreneurs by choice due to the...
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