Fast Food Summary Paper

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Summary Paper
In David Gerard Hogan’s article “Fast Food,” fast food industries are criticized in many aspects. Hogan tells that fast food causes many problems like healthy problems first. The fast food industry use low quality materials. Many critics said much of the meat of hamburgers was either spoiled or diseased. The high calorie of fast food can cause fat and other serious health problems. (590-591)

Secondly, critics condemn fast food industries that increased litter is a big problem. Fast food industry always sells their food in paper wrappings and paper bags. Every day the fast food restaurants sell a large amount of their products, so it is a huge waste of paper. People eat up the food, then throw the paper wrappings and bags, so involuntary the litter would increase. At the early time, the wrappers and the soda cups cannot be decomposed, after a long time, it became landfills as a part of the city. The environmentalists criticized fast-food industry about this problem. The fast food chains returned to use paper wrappings or cardboard boxes, so it can be decomposed. (591)

Thirdly, Hogan said fast- food chains are criticized by labor activists because they only hire teenage workers but pay a little to them. The fast-food chains find it very difficult to hire adults so they target ignorant teenagers’ temporary employment because there are no health benefits. The work is fast-paced and stressful but low pay. The fast-food industry response to the criticism, they said that they teach the teenage workers primary work experiments. (591) Wang2

Fourthly, Hogan said even people already known that fast food is unhealthy but there are still a lot of people who like eat fast food. Fast food has become so popular because it’s not only cheap and tastes good; the main reason is that now fast food is conventional culture. Just like Chinese eat rice and Mexicans eat tamales, Americans eat burgers. The hamburger seems that already become as the primary...
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