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Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Roman Republic Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Throughout the classical period, many civilizations, and empires have grown, like Greece, the Mayan empire, and the Gupta Empire. Although many have rose, and became greater, a few empires also got destroyed, including some of the same that grew. Near the end of the classical period, two of the largest empires of Ancient Europe and Asia, Rome and Han China collapsed. Even though the Han China Empire only lasted 200 years, and Rome around 900, they were the largest empires in the classical period. Each empire had many different emperors, and rulers, yet they continued to fail in restoring the empires. During the Classical era, the Roman Empire and Han China both had problems with epidemics, and corrupt leaders; However, they also divided they're kingdoms differently, and fell from different conflicts.

Both Han China, and the Roman Empire had problems with epidemics, and corrupt leaders. In the beginning, when the Silk Roads were first developed, all the civilizations saw it as a great way to trade, which it was. It was also great for the spread of culture, technology, and mixing many religions to create new beliefs. It was going great, until diseases broke out, and started to spread quickly all over the silk roads and back inside the cities. Because of the epidemics, cities tried to refrain from sending merchants, and traders out because they could get so easily infected. This caused all of the civilizations to become more independent, so they wouldn’t need to go outside of their own walls to get what they needed as much as they did originally; which now stopped all the spreading of culture, and made some of the civilizations weak. The emperors started to become very brutal, and crazy. A lot of them were killed, and plotted against by angry citizens who couldn’t put up with them, or by leaders who were corrupt, and wanted to be emperor. Mainly consisted of generals, sons of emperors, and other rich romans that were all trying to outsmart the other, while...
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