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Communication skills

By Heng Heng-Cham Oct 29, 2013 920 Words

Communication plays an important role in all aspects of life. No matter who you are and where have you been located communication is a must for us to interact with each other. Communication skills are essential in all spheres of life. Considered it as works and relationship or dealing with the project leaders or working out some solutions with a team or writing reports, getting across the points effectively is what matters. There are two different types of communication, verbal and nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is communicating without using words but it can be convey through body languages, gestures, facial expression, eye contact and so on. Clear messages can be send to a receiver who will understands the information properly. Verbal communication is communicating with words. However, 65% of the people are using nonverbal communication and the rest are communicated using verbal communication. Misunderstandings among people who are working on a project can be created when communication barriers occur. Problems can immediately interfere when people communicate which are called as communication barrier. The first barrier is when people are not able to listen objectively to the messages which given by the sender. Besides that, selective listening is one of the barriers which the receivers are not paying full attention in listening to the messages. Furthermore, the environment can also be classified as one of the barriers because the noises surrounding can cause a misunderstanding to happen. The most important thing is to appraise what potential barrier will affect the messages that delivery by the sender and the feedback that receiving by the receiver. Next, there are different kinds of way to avoid the misunderstanding between each other. First, we have to make sure written communication are totally clear. We can always proof our messages that have been delivered by type and ask them. It may take you more time to think what you have written about each message but the investment is worth. Furthermore, write all the things down and repeat them. Writing downs all the things or instructions which you have written, may help you to remember what was asked of you and bring down the stress that acting on you during the process. On the other hand, ask others to repeat what they heard is another way to avoid misunderstanding also. To make sure the instructions that we have delivered to the receiver, we should ask them to repeat our instructions according to their understanding back to us. This is also a good way to lower the risk of getting misunderstood between each other.

In conclusion, we have to gain knowledge on how to learn a good communication skills, how to communicate effectively and to ensure effective communication in order to avoid and prevent the misunderstanding among each other.


As we all known, time management is a part of people’s life. Time management can define as "Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of thing that matter least". We have let this happen much too often. Most of the students keep wasting time on doing something that are not significant and necessary, instead of using that time for the things that are really important. Time management not only helps you in how to manage the time, it also tells you how to become a better person. In order to succeed in study students have to learn how to manage their time better because it is one of the keys or the best way for them to be successful in time management. There is a great and powerful tool for time management which created by Stephen Covey to help those people especially for students who have no idea on how to manage their time correctly and efficiently. The time management matrix is considered as a To-Do list and classified as 4 quadrants. First quadrant is important and urgent, students should list out all the activities and projects which you think you have to do and try to include all the things that takes up your time at work. Students have to prioritize their coursework, especially if the works are close to the deadline and unable to finish the works in time. It’s very important for students to decide the work that contains the biggest impact.

Next, students have to distribute importance to each of the activities which the students have participated. The purpose of this quadrant ‘Important but not urgent’ is to measure of how the importance of these activities in order to help students to meet their goals and objectives efficiently ,in addition try not to worry about the urgency when you are in this stage. Non important but urgent is the next quadrant which students have to notice about. The activities which are urgent but not important can stop your goals and impede you from completing your assignment and so on. Students have to ask themselves whether this task can be rescheduled or not. The most significant thing is the last quadrant which students have to care about is not urgent and not important. The activities in this stage are just an interruption and must be prevented if possible. Students should ignore and cancel the activities that will not contribute to your study or outcomes.

In conclusion, students should do a To Do list in order to help him or her to manage their time effectively and also efficiently. This powerful tool can provide students a clear task list and enables students to identify the activities which they should be concerned about.

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