Communication Skills

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Message Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Good communication skills are an asset to everyone and is very important because of the functions it achieves. Interpersonal skills and communication is a process by which people exchange information, feeling, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages. It is not just about what is said, but how the message is being delivered and the non-verbal message that is sent through pitch, facial expressions, gestures and body language. This leads me to chapter ten; organizational and interpersonal communication. This chapter by far, was the most intriguing topic we learned about. Communicating successfully depends on the effective use of communication strategies and behaviors. I’ve learned that there is no communication unless there’s a mutual sharing of meaning that takes place and also the fact that one cannot not communicate. All these factors play a huge role in every supervisor.

First, a supervisor must be or at least act like a good coach. I say this because a coach knows how important it is to coach a team, in this case employees’. Successful coaching means working together with your subordinates to create unit and objectives. Supervisors must know how to delegate tasks between individuals and give the support and guidance that is needed. A good supervisor must understand that everyone is different, and to be mindful of this when dealing with their subordinates. Second, a good supervisor must have a positive outlook and be a positive thinker. For myself, you have to learn to be a problem solver but at the same time remain approachable so your subordinates are not afraid to approach you. This keeps the line of communication open if a problem arises, and having an approachable supervisor will make solving the problem so much more quick and easy. In addition, a good supervisor’s qualities pose a positive attitude it will make other employees think and act in a positive manner. This improves the morale. Thirdly, a good supervisor should be an advocate for...
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