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Topics: Communication, Sound, Bus Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Q.1 Describe Any Situation In Your Experience Where The Communication Went Wrong. Analyze The Situation By Pointing Out The Type Of Barrier To Communication And Suggest How To Overcome This Barrier. [10 Marks]. Answer-

Once I had gone to visit a friend in the next town which is along a major highway and stretched about 100km. He asked me to a light at the second bus stop in the town. When the bus I took got closer to the town, I informed the bus conductor where I will alight. He gave a node amidst a loud music from the stereo in the bus. About an hour later, I called the conductor to find out if we had reached the second bus stop. He immediately asked the driver to stop for me to alight after apologizing to me. He said he never heard the request I made earlier therefore we had passed the second bus stop about half an hour ago. I had to get down at that point and find away to my friend’s house. Unfortunately the ‘second bus stop’ my friend meant was at the eastern side of the town, which was close to my town. Unfortunately I entered the town through the western side since I was coming from a trip in the western part of the country. This was explain to me by a Taxi driver who drove me for additional 2 hours to the right “Second bus top” to meet my friend who had waited all day. Apart from the loud music from the stereo, the bus was overloaded therefore noise was in the car. After analyzing my experience there are some points I found which could be barrier for healthy communication and analysis of which are needed before coming up with ways to eliminate or minimize them. These barriers may be classified as follows – 1. Environmental Barriers – This is similar to physical noise, and could be in the form of disturbing sounds, an overcrowded bus, poor services and acoustics, all of which may hamper the ability to pay attention to and understand the message. When I made a request to alight, the conductor did not hear me because of the loud noise from the stereo and...
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