Communication Skills

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Language Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Juzer Shabbir Turabali Pirbhai Nurbhai
(TP 021691)
Module name and code:
Communication Skills
Lecturer’s name:
Mrs. Pritam Kaur Dhaliwal
Submission Date:
23rd August 2010

I owe my deepest appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Pritam Kaur Dhaliwal for giving us the opportunity to work on this assignment and whose encouragement, guidance and support enabled us to develop an understanding of our subject of Communication Skills. I would like to thank UCTI to provide us with a platform where we can work efficiently on such modules and implement our knowledge and become more perceptive while working on these tasks.

How will I benefit from Communication Skills?
In today’s modern and extremely competitive global business world, communication has become intensely important in each and every individual lives. Communication can be done in different languages such as Iranian, Arabic, Kiswahili and much more. It can also be done in form of gestures such as waving hands, legs, doing face expressions and many more. Gestures communication has no ending. Communication is an exchange of information on both the part of the receiver and the sender. However as you may all know, nowadays majority of the population are learning English language. Students from all around the non-English world come to Universities or go to English learning centers just to learn English. This is because English language is the most common business language in today’s modernized world. Most of the business transactions, teaching, selling products to consumers happen in English language. It is said that, if a person does not know English, he or she is known to be in a zero category no matter how clever he is. Communication skills will make a difference in my professional career both physically and mentally. It will make my career rise to the next level in such a way that...

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