Communication Paper

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What is Communication?Tyesha ScottSOC/110June 10, 2014Professor Fabio MoroWhat is Communication?A gentle handshake or a smile or even eye contact can be a form of communication. There are many ways in which people in the world communicate. There are many ways in which people communicate to get their emotions through, their point across or just wanting to express themselves. The tone, body language are just some of the things that can change the way people understand the way you say things or the way someone takes what you may say. There are two types of communication verbal and non-verbal communication types that many use today. How do you say hello to someone who come from a different country or to someone who you haven’t seen in quite some time. I believe the universal language for saying hello to someone is to give a simple waive or a nice smile. The way in which people communicate varies by all cultures, nationality, and sometimes they life style. When you think of teenagers in the 60’s and 70’s and the matter in which they communicated verses the communication skills of teenagers today. Teenagers today barely speak to their parents but they will text you. Teenagers in the later day communicated more on a face to face and letter type of way of getting their emotions or thoughts across. Communication as also changed in the way people communicate at the work place. Verbal communication is a form of communication is expressed someone’s concerns, emotions or just to have a friendly conversation. Verbal communication is the most used form of communication that many people may use today. Verbal communication is expressed in several different forms. Fact to face conversation, fax to fax, email, and text messages are all forms of communication used by many people today. Verbal communication is the literal content being expressed in a message. Non-verbal communication is message components other than words to generate meaning. Some may say that it difficult to...
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