M1 Unit 4

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Verbal Communication
Verbal communication is an act of conveying messages, ideas and/or feelings through actively using the mouth. Verbal communication is the main way of communicating on a face-to-face basis. Among the key components of verbal communications are the following: words, sounds, speaking and language. Apple has used verbal communication in a variety of ways, one example of this is through advertising on the television. There are many advantages of verbal communication. The advantages are the following: Saving time- for example, under the system of verbal communication messages are communicated efficiently without consuming any time Immediate response with verbal communication, most of the time you will receive a fast response from the person you ae communicating too Money will also be saved when communicating verbally as you don’t have to invest in printing or postage costs

However, the disadvantages of verbal communications is the following Lack of proof Message- this means that we will not have any proof of the message. For example, if we sent a letter to someone we would have to copy of that letter so we have proof however with verbal communication there isn’t any proof apart from a voice recorder which isn’t used on a day to day basis. Verbal communication is not suitable for future reference because we do not have a written message to support our case. If there are other people present then it may not be possible to hear all the information that is needed

Written Communication
When a message is communicated in writing, it is called Written Communication. Written Communication takes place in the form of letters, circular, reports, magazines, noticeboards, handbooks, notebooks etc. Written communication is generally used for communicating a message through across two parties. For example, Apple may use written communication to communicate with the competitor Samsung. Or, it could be used for the customers to communicate with the...
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