Common Gramatical Errors

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1.Tense Errors – Common Error No. 1

These involve the wrong form of the verb.
There are 3 forms of verbs –
a)common verbs –
-present tenses
-past tenses
-continuous tenses

b) modal verbs - can, could, shall, should, may, might (plus verb) c) auxillary verbs – are, is, were

Common Verbs are often found in the Present, Past and Future Tenses.

PRESENT TENSESExample Example of ErrorCorrection
Simple Present He drinks tea every morningThen Elby bring the gift to the Christmas pasty Present ContinuousHe is drinking tea now.Something is really happen. Not even get off from my car
Lacking of exercise
Something is really happen.

Present PerfectHe has drunk some tea.Never in my life I used this lipstick before’. You have heard her spoke
One of the greatest inventions mankind has ever have.
I have always feel that….
Present Perfect ContinuousHe has been drinking tea all morning.

PAST TENSESExample Example of ErrorCorrection
Simple PastWe watched TV.Few days ago I visit a friend.’ Yesterday I get angry very easily.
Past ContinuousWe were watching TV all eveningThis time unfortunately she felling down. Past PerfectWe had watched a movie on TV before we left.She had sang with you. Past Perfect ContinuousWe had been watching TV all evening, when it started to rain.Nanny said she crying all the days

FUTURE TENSESExample Example of ErrorCorrection
Simple FutureWe will know his exam results soon.He come here tomorrow. Simple Present The university opens on 31 December.She also take the course. Present Continuous We are eating out tonightWe must also held our elections in MayHold Future Perfect ContinuousI will be staying here till Sunday.I study the whole semester break. Poor Question Forms:

Present Perfect Tense:
`Have you ever think….?
`Do you all aware that…?’
Where got ten percent?
How come so many traffic lights?

Common error with Modal verbs
Use of `ing’ for verb following modal verb. All common verbs following modals cannot be changed. E.g. `Kerosene can extending the activities at night.’
Obviously it will drips along the way.

Subject-Verb Agreement
Japanese usually doesn’t speak good English
Most of us knows when we need to lose an inch or two.
Every Sunday I goes to Beijing
Some of our neighbours does exactly what we do.
I certainly believes
When a man is filthy rich he become a dragon.
This is where the winner compete.
Our country have lots of resources

Wrongly pluralized Abstract Nouns
Biasness Good communicarions Staffs
Friendships No electricities ateentions a criticism

One past of speech wrongly converted to another part of speech e.g.Adjective wrongly converted to Noun
Toastmastering - Being a toastmaster
I was so panicked –
How genius is that idea –
He lack of formal education.
He is an orphanage.
Financially freedom women.
In everything we do, we have to take responsible for it.

Wrong or Inappropriate use of Preposition
In between of dream and reality, which one is more important? Discuss on the model which we were to come up with.
I nearly suffocated in that first day.
Show respect of….
Search greener pastures.
Taman Indrahana is the club to be.
You really love and care of your family
Love to the family.
You have to speak on two minutes.
I am the youngest at my family

Deleted Preposition
Take care our baby.
Everyone pointed me.
Search greener pastures
Buy that camera phone for your husband so that you can check him. Look forward any constructive feedback.
This thing keep popping his mind
She did not know how to go into the computer to look what she wanted to know I do agree your point
Allow me to brief you the history of toastmasters

Singular-Plural Errors
If you have any questions, please note it down.
It is imperative that the Ah Counter takes note of the speech crutches which is being made. Everyone who are...
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