Language and Grammar Notes

Topics: Time, Automobile, Bus Pages: 5 (696 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Prepositions – Time

|English |Usage |Example | |on |days of the week |on Monday | |in |months / seasons |in August / in winter | | |time of day |in the morning | | |year |in 2006 | | |after a certain period of time (when?) |in an hour | |at |for night |at night | | |for weekend |at the weekend | | |a certain point of time (when?) |at half past nine | |since |from a certain point of time (past till now) |since 1980 | |for |over a certain period of time (past till now) |for 2 years | |ago |a certain time in the past |2 years ago | |before |earlier than a certain point of time |before 2004 | |to |telling the time |ten to six (5:50) | |past |telling the time |ten past six (6:10) | |to / till / until|marking the beginning and end of a period of time |from Monday to/till Friday | |till / until |in the sense of how long something is going to last |He is on holiday until Friday. | |by |in the sense of at the latest |I will be back by 6 o’clock. | | |up to a certain time |By 11 o'clock, I had read five pages. |

Prepositions – Place (Position and Direction)

|English |Usage |Example | |in |room, building, street, town, country |in the kitchen, in London | | |book, paper etc. |in the book | | |car, taxi |in the car, in a taxi | | |picture, world |in the picture, in the world | |at |meaning next to, by an object |at the door, at the station | | |for table |at the table | | |for events |at a concert, at the party | | |place where you are to do something typical (watch a |at the cinema, at school, at work | | |film, study, work) | | |on |attached |the picture on the wall | | |for a place with a river |London lies on the Thames....
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