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Intercultural Communications Essay 5
Professor Eric Aidadu
Danielle Falzarano
January, 24, 2005

Essay 1
Discuss the issues and problems that could arise in a health care setting if a physician is unaware of the cultural norms of his or her patient regarding family roles, self-disclosure or openness, and ways of speaking.

The culture of women are known to be passive. A physician should examine an adult patient in private, male or female. There should not be anyone else in the room while a medical professional assess a patient especially if the patient is a woman because she may not be so prone to discuss private health information if someone else is in the room. What if the patient has an abusive spouse? Possibly being alone in an examination room will allow for the patient to speak out.

Physician awareness of cultural context can dramatically effect patient’s care they receive. Communication plays such an important role in healthcare, if a physician fails to take into consideration the context of a patient’s culture they are doing the patient a disservice. Bridging the gap can give a patients a sense of hope. Struggling to bridge that gap maybe hard to take into consideration all of the patient’s culture in a short office visit, but taking the culture into consideration can clear up misunderstandings.

Physicians are trained to diagnose and treat disease, but are not trained on how to deal with a patient living with disease. They have a culture all to their own they do not have a ton of experience with aided a patient cope with disease.

There are certain diseases that are characteristic of different cultures. Working in the medical field has taught me Asian Americans never discuss health issues and tend to favor Western medicine more so that traditional medicine practiced in the United States. We took care of an Asian women patient diagnosed with liver cancer, that ultimately took her life. She was a carrier of a Hepatitis B infection that she spread to all three of her children. The area in that they were Hepatitis B infections are prevalent. Hepatitis infections left untreated can lead to liver cirrhosis and possibly liver cancer. Her son and two daughters were diagnosed and son developed liver cancer from a hepatitis B infection like his mother. Someone might step bad land think, unlucky family, or possibly have a “cancer gene”. If a physician did a proper history and physical and questioned the mother’s illness enough to realize she had passed the Hepatitis B to her children. Her son also died from the disease and both daughter developed liver cirrhosis.

Being culturally aware should be part of the curriculum for all healthcare professionals. Physicians should be taught about culture before they even go into medical school this way the concepts are familiar to them. Before they can learn how to treat patients, they should be aware that they are people first. Healthcare professionals rely on communication and interactions and knowing about culture aids the doctor patient relationship as well as a patient’s outcome. Essay 2

Interview two individuals (preferably individuals who are relatively new immigrants to the U.S.), and ask them to describe some of the behaviors or attitudes or communications customs that they found most difficult to adjust to, in light of their own perspective on these from their own countries or cultures. Identify the individuals and write what they tell you in your assignment; then, based on your interviews and your readings throughout this course, compose a list of 5 to 10 pointers on “How to Communicate in the U.S. culture” that you would provide to new U.S. arrivals from the countries of your interviewees.

Some behaviors that were discussed as an issue when my coworkers immigrated from the Philippines was everyone talked fast and assumed they knew some English. My co workers are Nilda Diacono, a critical care nurse that...
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