How Similar or Different Is the Eastern Notion of Balance in the Human Body to the Western Medical Science Beliefs About the Nature of the Human Body?

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Human body Pages: 6 (1880 words) Published: May 1, 2012
Use this proforma to organise your response to the reflective assessment task. Use the steps as headings and write in paragraphs below the headings; this is not an essay task. All your sources should be referenced using APA style. Step 1:

Carefully choose one question from the Reflective Learning and Writing section of eModule 1 or 2 to guide your reflection. Write the question here:

2.5 How similar or different is the Eastern notion of balance in the human body to the Western medical science beliefs about the nature of the human body? Step 2:
Reflect upon and analyse your experiences in relation to the topic of the question from Step 1, using the factors from Willis' (2004, as cited in Germov, 2009, p. 6) sociological imagination template: •Historical factors

Cultural factors
Structural factors
Critical factors
These experiences may be personal or professional. Be sure to specifically identify and discuss at least two of Willis' factors in your analysis and make them relevant to your experiences. (400 words; use one academic source – your textbook Second Opinion)

During my work in a Rehab-Medical ward, there was a woman of strict Indian heritage receiving treatment. I felt overwhelmed regarding the cultural difference between us. I was aware I should understand her cultural views but I wasn’t sure what they were. I was hesitant I may accidently say or do something that could offend her. The head nurse explained that this patient had taken a fall and was on frequent pain relief. She communicated that this patient’s Indian husband, had been arguing with his wife during visits. When the nurse expressed that the patient had confided in her, I was surprised as my original view of the patient’s culture may be that she wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing personal concerns with others. She expressed guilt for her husband providing for her family, unlike when she was healthy. She stated that her husband had been expressing displeasure at her treatment due to expectations to interact socially within their cultural community, and daily prayer rituals - which he felt she was unable to perform at the hospital. He believed that prayer and being in their home environment would restore her. The patient expressed that her husband was pressuring her to sign a treatment waiver so that she could leave. Three days later, as suspected, she signed this form, allowing her to leave the hospital without any further treatment against the advise of a Doctor. Willis (as cited in Germov, 2009) suggests that the second factor of the sociological imagination template: cultural factors provide insight into how culture impacts/influences our lives. In this instance, this patient’s hospital stay stopped her from performing her cultural routine such as prayer and providing for her family. Therefore, denying any further treatment in order to adhere to cultural standards. I became aware of her cultural views of healing. The view of body balance by being in her home environment rather than a hospital, an eastern notion, may have influenced her choices regarding westernised medicine and her view of treatment. Willis (as cited in Germov, 2009) suggests that structural factors; how social organisation affects our lives, can influence choices. Our patient voiced guilt for not meeting social responsibilities. I therefore felt that the social structure within this patient’s relationships with family and community influenced her decision to withhold further treatment in order to avoid being isolated by her social institution during her stay in hospital.

Step 3:
Next, identify and cite one of the readings, articles or videos from the eModule and discuss how this resource helps you to expand and deepen your original reflections on this topic. Remember to relate the information from this resource back to the factors from the sociological imagination template. (400 words; use two academic sources – one from your textbook + one from the...
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