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Topics: Computer, Electrical engineering, Database management system Pages: 4 (1099 words) Published: August 24, 2014
Femi Bajomo
Mr. Clemens
Honors Language Arts
12 May 2014
On The Road to a Career in Database Developing
The most essential thing in life is a plan. Construction workers have blueprints that are plans to shelter thousands of unaware people. Teachers that plan to be successful during the school year plan out each concept to effectively teach their students. In order for me to be successful in life, I have to plan my future as a college student to a worker in whatever the career of my choosing. I want to be involved in business and computer technology industry. Throughout my life, my dad, a database administrator, kept me around computers all my life and I learned naturally through many business ventures as an adolescent that business was also something I enjoyed. The computer industry will exponentially increase as the development of new and improved technology continues to make the lives of Americans easier and more efficient. Georgia State offers a great computer science program that I hope will help me get my first foot into my career as a database developer.

The application fee for GSU is $60 with an early deadline of November 15 and a regular deadline of March 1. The application is online and is a quick indication that GSU has modern technology at their school. How could I go to a school for computer technology when their computers are out of date? Only requirements I need in the application is my official high school transcript and recommended reference letters. With a requirement GPA of 2.8 and an acceptance rate of 57.4%, GSU is only minimally selective. Students come from every county in Georgia, every state in the nation, and more than 150 countries to attend GSU. Their racial diversity consists of 13% Asian, 8% Hispanic, and 37% Black, 6% Other/Not reported, and 40% White. GSU is a huge school with an undergraduate population of 24,665 with 83% percent of the freshman returning the next year and 84% of the total students graduating....
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