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Topics: Of Mice and Men, Sibling, Family Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Teddie Akoi
Period 6
Compare and Contrast
Samurai's Garden essay

Throughout this novel there are a lot of characters worthy of comparing and contrasting, however I've decided to analyze Matsu, and Stephen relationship. The base of Matsu and Stephen relationship sort of reminds me of a George and Lennie relationship from the “Of Mice and Men Tale”, in which George carries around Lennie like a helpless pet by caring for him, guiding him through life, and bailing him out of the sticky situations he gets himself in.             George is to Lennie as Matsu is to Stephen. Matsu is Stephen caretaker in Tarumi( “I leaned back uneasily and searched my mind, unable to remember how Matsu, the caretaker of the beach house looked”Pg.8). Ways that Stephen and Matsu relationship resembles a George and Lennie Relationship where one side is dependent on the other, are the repeated occasions of where Matsu had to guide Stephen and care for him when he got sick as if he was a child of his. An example of one of these occasions is when the Storm came to Tarumi. Matsu advised Stephen to stay inside, however he insisted on helping out in the garden, and while in the garden the ferocious winds from the Storm came with a unstoppable force of water and knocked Stephen up against the house and made him go unconscious. Due to Stephen wreck less decision it was left up to Matsu to nurse him back to perfect health( “As my head cleared, I remembered the last thing I felt was the strong punch of the water and then nothing;blackness”).             Stephen went to Tarumi to find refuge in their pure air. He became incredibly sick in Hong Kong, and to avoid infecting his little sister; Pie, his mother sent him to Kobe to live with his father(“My parents thought it might be better for me to be away from Hong Kong and my younger sister while im recuperating. They're hoping the fresh air of Tarumi will help me” Pg.28). While in Kobe he convinced his father to let him go...
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