Client Server

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Client server

Current system:

In that Corporate Financial System is a 25-year-old IBM 3090 mainframe running under a Virtual Machine/Conversational Mode System (VM/CMS) operating system. Many of the business applications used by the system are written in COBOL, and data that is stored in a non-SQL-compliant FOCUS database. Personal computers (PCs) containing an office productivity software is centrally located throughout the Corporate headquarters. Many day-to-day operations that happen across the corporation are conducted using desktop dumb terminals. The data processing transactions are conducted using the Vandelay Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Because of strains on system resources and the over workload of the Vandelay corporation’s IT staff, The Pendant Consulting Group, an independent IT consulting firm, has contracted to study its current network environment and they recommend improvements to its affected environments. The consultants will also confirm the validity of information presented in this profile.

Data is currently not shared between corporate departments. In addition, access to corporate data is unavailable to organizations external to the corporate headquarters. Note: there have been a growing number of complaints from field offices regarding the lack of compatibility between office productivity software and the corporate financial system. In addition, executive management has expressed an interest in being able to perform "what-if" analysis on financial data at their desktops. Presently, this is not possible. These are some of the issues facing the corporation.

To create a centralized system (client/server) at the headquarters of Vandelay. The corporation allows the different distributing centres to store data and access relevant data.

Database side:
To upgrade its main frame IBM 5090 to an IBM system i590 and reduce the amount of main frames from 5 to 2.

The 2 main frames would be decided on the survey:
System #1: Partitioned into human resources, budget and payroll System #2: will be used as a backup server.
Some features of the IBM System i570
1.Processor -4.7 GHz Power6
2.Memory – 768 GB
3.Disk capacity – 387 TB
4.Windows Server, Linux, IBM AIX ® capable
5.PCI card slots -692
6.ISCSI adapters - 168
Advantages of using the IBM System i570:
It is designed to support business growth with a scalable modular hardware architecture that would help support balance growth from a 1 to 4-way configuration with up to a full 16-way system. The i570 server is equipped in 4-wat, 4U building block nodes or modules. Each node supports for POWER 4.7 GHz processor cores along with cache, memory, media, I/O adapters, efficient power and cooling to create a balance, extremely high-performance rack-mount system. In this system up to four nodes can be configured in a 19-rack on a single SMP server. This building block approach is designed to allow the i570 to scale in the way that balances memory, I/O capacity, processing power and bandwidth.

It would supports efficient business processing with the i5/OS operating environment. The IBM i5/OS would have a highly scalable and virus resistant architecture with a proven reputation for exceptional business resiliency. The i5/OS operating environment would integrate a trusted combination of relational database, security, web services, networking and storage management capabilities.

The i570 system would promote high system of utilization and efficient power usage by using virtualization capabilities to run multiple business processes and applications that are reliably and securely together. Its high rate of i5/OS utilization is achieved through the use of a variety of proven virtualization technologies such as subsystems and logical partitions.

It would deliver an outstanding application performance with IMB ® POWER6TM processors. It is based on IBM’s fastest POWER6 processors –the sixth generation of 4.7...

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