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Mainframe Computer

business strategy? How was its Web services initiative related to that strategy? In order to remain competitive, Merrill Lynch’s needed to find a way to integrate their mainframe programs with Web applications. The company realized that they needed to modernize its technology and they had to make choices regarding their legacy computers and the thousands of programs that were used. Internet-based applications were one way of giving customers access to their portfolios and tools to work with them. ...

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Personal Computers and Mainframes: a Comparison

Personal Computers and Mainframes: A Comparison MParker Personal Computers and Mainframes: A Comparison Comparing personal computers to mainframe computers is sort of like comparing a pebble to a boulder. When the first personal computers appeared, the word mainframe was used to differentiate these huge systems from what were then termed “minicomputers” in the early 1960s ("Computer Concepts And Terminology", 2004). The word “mainframe”...

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It/242 Week 9 FInal

needs associated with this network and have come up with some suggestions which will operate the network in the most efficient way. First, A number of Mainframe Computer Systems will be installed at each location which will serve as the brain for each location. After the initial link is made with the central headquarters the Mainframe computers will be linked to routers and switches. Routers and switches will be utilized to route network signals to all areas of this large network. Telephony systems...

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Change Management

culture. IBM in the case study is described to one of the technological presence to become the iconic American organisation that provided mainframe computer in the 1950’s its mentioned that it’s been operating for 30 years, A little be more about IBM the company grew by exploring the success and massive worldwide footprint of its mainframe systems. (Case study) For individuals who may not be familiar with IBM it’s an Information Technology organisation that operates worldwide IBM provides...

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Ibm Case Study

Right investment to S/360 - Success of PC - Great reputation -> attract top talent Factors led to its problems during the late 1980 and earry1990s: - Did not keep in touch with customers - Didn’t understand market need (fewer purchase IBM mainframes) - Marketing effort missed the mark - Turf battles between autonomous divisions - Spending too much on fixed cost (building, data processing cost, ..) - Management IT problems such as poor internal IT problems - Products complexity and the...

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transaction processing system

transaction processing subsystems in a firm are those supporting: Sales Inventory Purchasing Shipping Receiving Accounts payable Billing Accounts receivable General ledger DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM A Decision Support System (DSS) is a computer-based information system that supports business or organizationaldecision-making activities. DSSs serve the management, operations, and planning levels of an organization (usually mid and higher management) and help to make decisions, which may be...

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Mainframes and Personal Computers

Compare and Contrast Mainframes and Personal Computers Overview Mainframes and personal computers have evolved over the years but their core functions have stayed the same. The mainframe is used connect multiple users for large organizations while personal computers are generally used for a single users. The more drastic changes for mainframes and personal computers have been speed and size. Mainframes use to be the size of buildings. Now they are the size of a textbook. Personal computer's...

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Personal Computers vs. Mainframes

Personal Computers vs. Mainframes POS355 6/25/2012 Usually the obvious difference of a Pc and mainframes is the size. Mainframes are usually much larger room-sized units but today they can be as small as a desktop PC. A mainframe is a high-level computer used and designed for large corporations or organizations for intensive computational tasks. They are also designed for high speed data processing. Because they contain multiple processors, multiple applications can be processed...

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Price Elasticity of Computers

190 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, VOL. 46, NO. 2, MAY 1999 Price Elasticity and the Growth of Computer Spending Kar Yan Tam and Kai Lung Hui Abstract—Recent works have indicated that the price of computers is a key factor in explaining the growth of computer spending. However, it remains unclear whether the price elasticity of the demand for computers is constant over time. Findings on the pattern of price elasticity will have important implications in the study of information...

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Mainframe OS

Mainframe Operating Systems At the high end are the operating systems for the mainframes, those roomsized computers still found in major corporate data centers. These computers differ from personal computers in terms of their VO capacity. A mainframe with 1000 disks and millions of gigabytes of data is not unusual; a personal computer with these specifications would be the envy of its friends. Mainframes are also making something of a comeback as high-end Web servers, servers for large-scale ...

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