Classification: Clothing and Formal Wear

Topics: Clothing, Trousers, Black people Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: November 23, 2009
Royce M. Pinkston
Prof. Jefferson
English 102
30 September 2009
Classification Essay
What we wear has an impact on what we believe and who we are personally. Fashion has played a major role in classifying people and his or her personality type. Fashion is broken down into five different categories, urban, gothic, athletic, formal, and prep. It is in these five categories that can give someone the opportunity to prejudge who you are and what type of person you may be. Urban wear, which is also known as street wear to others, is nice denim jeans with a white tee and some Jordan Nikes. This outfit is usually worn by most kids from urban development’s and rappers. Urban wear is usually not worn by white people and often times exploited by blacks. Urban wear is known for every day wear. You would wear to basketball, baseball, football games, and to rap concerts. You can go to the club but it would have to be a club that does not have a dress code or a teen club. Formal wear, which is worn by all nationalities, is what you would call suits, tuxedoes, and dresses that are silk and what not. You would wear formal wear to a ball or gala or wedding. Formal wear would not be considered to wear every day. You would wear formal wear to church and to work. Formal is considered to be professional wear. Prep wear is your average white boy look. Polo’s, fitted shirts, button ups, slacks, khakis, and loafers and dressy shoes is prep wear. Mostly worn by white suburban kids and also worn by black kids who have a determined mindset. You can wear prep wear anywhere and to just about any event, to the club, school, church, business meetings, and other things of that nature. People who wear prep clothes you will usually find to have briefcases and business folders. Athletic wear is sports clothing like gym shorts and tennis shoes. People who wear sport clothing all the time are people who are usually as life goes type of people nothing really phases this person and not...
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