Dress Code

Topics: Dress code, Columbine High School massacre, Education Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: October 11, 2013
( Persuasive Speech )

Speech Topic: Dress code
Specific Speech Purpose: To persuade my audience that we should have school uniforms. Claim: The wearing of school uniforms should be implemented in all school levels. I.Introduction/(Attention Step)

A.Have you ever been picked on for something you’re wearing? Have you ever felt threatened? Neither of these are feelings we’d wish on anyone, but unfortunately, both have happened in a school, and could be happening right now. B. I want to tell you today about something that I believe will make schools safer, help improve the learning environment, and help students get along.

II. Need Step
A.Bullying is a big problem in schools across the country. 1. Students are being picked on based on looks, hobbies, or because they stand out in some way but often it’s because of what they wear. B.We also have a school safety issue.

1.Columbine HS in 1999, killed Rachel Scott and 11 other students, 1 teacher, and injured 21 others. 2.Not the only school shooting – others such as Virginia Tech in 2007, Bath School District in 1927 which killed 38 elementary students, and many others all throughout American History.

III.Satisfaction Step
A.This change in dress code will result in limiting the types or styles of clothing worn by students in schools. They can range from very strict dress codes requiring ties, etc. or could be more lenient and allow for variations, as long as they fit certain qualifications.

B.This solution involves making revisions to the current dress code, which is, honestly, lacking. 1.This idea will help promote school safety, improve the learning environment, and diminishes the clothing competition.

A.Imagine yourself walking down the hall, not hearing students picking on what they wore to school that day. 1.See them sitting in the classrooms, focusing on the school work, and not each other’s shoes. B.Making no acts in this case,...
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