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Topics: Middle East, Iraq, Islam Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 12, 2015
Describe the role played by European imperialism in the emergence of the modern Middle East from the decay/division of the Ottoman Empire. Discuss the impact of Western concepts of nationalism, capitalism, and socialism on traditional Islamic culture. How did the Islamic world respond/react to Western influences? Use SPECIFIC examples as illustrations.

Mohammad Ali used French advisors to build European style army, increase tax revenues by expanding irrigation, infrastructure and establishing factories. ( he felt need to modernize Egypt) Akbar used his power which was somewhat because of obtaining European gunpowder weapons to create new state religion. This led to peace and cultural blending(Syncreatism) which produced great art and archeitecture. Ex. Taj Mahal Allies decided t divide former ottoman lands into new state which were controlled by the European nation until they were able to govern themselves. Syria under france and Iraq and Palestine under Britain Turkey fought with allies . european imperialism helped to have turkey hold its first open elections in 1950 In the 1920s the brithish mandate set boundaries with Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait and established neutral zones with Iraq and Kuwait British were key to the creation of modern Saudi Arabia in 1932 and in defining borders In 1922, a british white paper created he kingdow of Jordan while guaranteeing jewish rights in Palestine west of the Jordan river Israel was created by the UN in 1948

. Purpose of nationalism is to do away with religious states. It wants to bring the state together as a whole and not have individual religious states. This goes against the Islamic traditions because they are against this because they believe that it would cause loss of political independence. Islamic nations modeled the west and made their own way of capitalism King Faisal outline a broad...
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