Choose 4-5 Different Resources That You Use in Your Teaching and Analyse Your Use of Them with Your Learners.

Topics: Education, Teacher, Psychology Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Task 2. Choose 4-5 different resources that you use in your teaching and analyse your use of them with your learners. Why do you use them the way you do? Introduction
A resource is described as something which can be turned to for support or help, or an available supply of something to be drawn upon when needed. (Grolier 1981) Resources are a valuable aid when teaching and will help teachers reach the differing Learning styles, needs and potential of learners. All resources used should meet the differing needs of learners, promote equality, support diversity and contribute to effective learning. You must also take into account the Disability Discrimination Act (1995, amended 2005) if you are considering making any changes to resources you use. ResourceHow to use?StrengthsLimitations

Power pointUse as a focal/attention point for learners to follow. Can be very interactive Use as a focal point for learners and a process that can be followed. Gives prompts for teachers and can include a number of interactive features. These can include clips from “you tube” or other multi- media sources and these can be humorous, informative and can often give an example of what you are teaching.Can lead to “chalk and Talk”, some interactive elements can detract from the purpose, does not meet need of all learning styles and can produce “death by power point” for learners. If teacher read verbatim from the slides it can also give learners a negative experience. Different versions are sometimes not compatible with all computer systems. Need printed back up

Video/DVDAs part of a teaching session. Can bring subject or specific issues alive. Use of humour and celebrities can also help engage with learners. Entertaining offering visual stimulus. Can get message across and reinforce more formal teaching methods. Planning and research done for the teacher and can be used to tackle difficult/sensitive issues. Can edit clips and use pre-prepared questions with learners.Does not...
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