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Childcare Worker Nvq
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Health and safety legislation at Upperchurch community childcare and detailed check list.
Role and Responsibilities of childcare worker
Indoor and outdoor safety at Upperchurch community childcare including signs and symptoms of an unwell child.
Overall well being of child in Upperchurch community childcare menu's for one day
Critical evaluation of health and safety issues at Upperchurch community childcare.

Fetac Level 5 code 5N1765

Child Health and Well Being

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Noelle Ryan

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My name is Noelle Ryan and as part of my child health and well being module I was required to do a project in
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The roles and responsibilities of the child care worker are as follows:
To supervise and monitor the safety of children in their care.
Prepare meals and organise mealtimes and snacks for children throughout the day.
Help to promote and implement good hygiene practices with the children
Prepare children for school e.g. teaching them about colours, numbers and the alphabet.
They provide children with an educational, nurturing and enjoyable environment.
To be on the lookout for any signs of emotional or developmental problems that may occur in children and bring the problems to the attention of parents/guardians.
To develop schedules and daily routines to ensure that children get the right amount of physical activity, rest and play time.
To encourage and train children to use the toilet, tie there shoes, hang up there coats and tidy up after themselves.
Change the diaper of baby's and toddlers monitor children's language and behaviour towards one another to prevent them saying anything or doing something hurtful to another

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