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Unit 1
D6- Give two different ways in which you can show that you understand the importance of valuing each child as an individual Adults working with children need to value them. This means making every child feel special and doing what they like best. This makes every child feel that they care cared about It is important to respect each child individually. This might mean to work with them differently. One child might need more help than another or one child might like different things from the other. The way that adults work with children can show the children respect. A good way to work is to think about how you would like to be treated yourself. Some days are special for children. It might be their birthday or a special day for their family religion showing that you have remembered a special day makes the children feel valued. Always make sure that no children of families are favourites as all the children have to be treated equally and given lots of praise. It is important that ll the children are involved in all in all activities and no one is left out. A child may have a hearing, visual or speech difficulty and may need extra help or different equipment. It is important to make sure all children are included in all the activities, for example: If a child has a physical disability in the class during P.E lessons, you would do things that suits the childs needs such as playing basket ball or throwing and catching games doing this means everyone can join in and no one will be left out. Working with children you can find out what interests a child during play time by listening to them when they talk about the most games or activities they did that day. A disabled child can talk about what made them happy that day. In placement i will always remember to show positive attitude by praising every child to support them and show you are proud of them.
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