Psychology and Children

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what should elders learn from children

Many people advice children to learn from children. But, do they ever wonder what they should learn from children? I am not criticizing the fact that children should respect elders.... but I suggest elders to have a good look at themselves before scolding the children. In many situations children prove to be more wise than elders. but people ignore that just because they are small. "there is no age for learning''

So I personally think that there are many things that the grown ups should learn from children. It is a step to a better living

Children live a simple life.
Some people say the reason behind it is that children do not have much tension and work comparatively. But I don't agree.
Children don't understand the real world. But if elders see the world from the eyes of a child; how beautiful the world would be, how simple it would be. Instead of thinking much evil if we live a day just like a child we would revive ourselves from the evils inside us.

Children obey elders loyally without precisely knowing the person. They never examine the persons. the person's looks, his community,etc. do not matter the children;if they should obey him or not... Children only look at their behavior .

But elders do consider these facts vital and also do judge The person according to that. If here,elders copy children it would be really good.first of all It would increase unity among people and also will create trust among people. Children do everything in a simple way, without making it complicated and making an issue out of it.Children are rarely in double minds, while elders are always. Children always do what is right disregarding the result.

And, at the end of the day that is the better choice as the result is always better for you.

Alike children we must follow what we have learnt in order to live a good life. Follow the simple way! It will lead to less...
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