Child Labour

Topics: India, Employment, Government of India Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: August 26, 2013
“The rising sun of a nation when works in dark furnaces, it blinds future of the nation.” The problem of child labour came in consideration in mid-19th century when first factory was established. It is an unfortunate manifestation of economic compulsion as well as socio cultural perceptions. Child labour is a complex problem which is deeply rooted on ground of poverty. India doesn't have appreciable position in terms of child labour and according to the surveys; India has the largest number of working children in the world. There are many sectors in which children are void of their fundamental rights, they don’t go school and many of them started working at very short age. Many cases have got screens which display the misfortune of these children but justice to their path is still behind the mist. According to the statistic given by Indian government there are 20 million child labourers in the country, while through other sources and agencies the range is around 50 million and according to a 2001 census. An estimated 185,595 children are employed as domestic help and in small roadside eateries. The government of developed nations and many developing nations has banned child labour, they believe that employers should not be permitted to employ child labour and that parents no matter how poor should not be allowed to keep their child void of his birthrights. India has followed a practical policy in the matter of tackling the problem of child labour. The Indian constitution has consciously incorporated provisions to secure compulsory universal elementary education as well as labour protection for children and provides certain rights to children and prohibits child labour. There are a wide range of laws, which guarantee to a substantial extent the rights and entitlement as provided in the constitution and in the UN convention. Even laws relating to commerce, industry and trade have protective provisions beneficial to children. At present, inspite of...
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