Child Labor

Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Force Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: May 6, 2013
One of the biggest discussions about human rights in the world is child labor, which includes either legal and illegal types of labor for children. According to "The Children's Rights Convention(CRC)", everyone who is under 18 is agreed to be a child, and has the rights as those mentioned in the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights". As adults, children also have rights about their work life, which are mentioned in the Article 32 of the CRC. Although this article declares that the children have right to protection from work that harms them, and is bad for their health and education and paid fairly; it's still possible to see children working in inappropriate conditions or being forced to work illegally. Child labor also has many reasons which lead people to force their children to work. People usually work for money, to continue their life and meet their basic needs. This is same between adults and children. With many other reasons, the major reason for child labor is poverty of the family. It means that the families make their children work because of their insufficient family income. This may be related to the conditions of the region they live, or the parents abuse their children for their non-basic needs. The first type can occur as the father and mother work; however, they can't afford their basic needs and as a result, their children have to work. The other situation which includes parents avoiding their responsibilites is more unacceptable. A father may tend to avoid working or doing anything except drink or smoke, and force his children and maybe his wife to work. The children of a family can also be forced to work because of the lack of certain opportunities. This is an unfortunate fact as people cannot decide where they are to be born, or who their parents are to be. This uncertainty may lead to some inhibitions which are based on people's prejudiced behaviours. This may happen when a child's father or mother is a criminal or...
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