Chicken Hatching

Topics: Chicken, Incandescent light bulb, Heat Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Hatching Eggs

We began our experiment to hatch eggs by putting together a homemade incubator. We used a Styrofoam cooler to keep the heat in and cut a hole in the side to place a heating source (a light bulb) maintaining the temperature at 98 degrees. We put a dish and placed a wet sponge in it to create humidity in the cooler for the eggs and made a medal rack to keep them above the water and began our 4 week process of hatching eggs.

We had to rotate the eggs three times a day so we marked each egg to show what side was up for when our members took their turn to rotate the eggs. That may have led to why our eggs did not work out because we were only able to turn the eggs twice in the morning not three times in the day like they needed. We were not able to turn them over on the weekends as well, so they were left alone for long periods of time. So that may have killed them as well. The team members also needed to keep track of the water and make sure it was not out and the eggs dried out.

They were cracked open after the four weeks and they were empty so the rooster may not have fertilized the eggs leading them not to hatch like everyone was hoping for many of things could have led to the eggs not hatching like them not being moved around like they were supposed to or simply it was not hot enough for them. Our teacher had also opened up her eggs at home so her rooster may not have been doing his job or not getting to them in time because they were not fertilized as well so maybe she needs a new rooster or something!

Ventilation may have been an issue as well there was no air getting in or out so we may have messed up there. We were supposed to store them in a carton upside down for 2-3 days at 75 degrees before they were to be put in the incubator and we did not do that. There is only an 80% hatching rate as well so we may have just had the two chickens that were in the 20 percentile sadly. Many things may have caused them to not grow. It’s like...
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