Naked Egg Lab Report

Topics: Bacteria, Chemistry, Osmosis, Microbiology, Enzyme, Solution / Pages: 6 (1402 words) / Published: Jan 20th, 2018
When Different Colors of Food Coloring Are Soaked into a Naked Egg, Will the Mass Change Depending on the Color of the Ink after 7 Days?
The Purpose The purpose of initiating this lab was to test how different chemicals in the outer fluid affects the osmotic properties of a naked egg.
Background Information In order to complete this experiment, one of the most important things you need to know how to do is how to take the outer “shell” layer off of the egg. The egg shells contain an element known as calcium carbonate. This element can be turned into carbon dioxide when combined with acetic acid. You can find acetic acid in vinegar. {Guenther, Leanne. “Soft Shelled Eggs.” Kidzone Science, Kidzone Science, 1998,}
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{Online, Biology. “Osmosis.” Osmosis, Biology Online, 25 Dec. 2016, 2:27,} This means that water will flow through the naked egg’s outer membrane from the outside to the inside. This is because inside the egg has a lower concentration of water than outside the egg. Since osmosis is based around mainly water and substances with extremely low acidity, we decided to use plain water as our control, and add the food coloring to the cups already filled with …show more content…
The hypothesis that was posed was that, “If naked eggs are soaked in two different colors of food coloring for different periods of time, then the mass of the egg will differ, and the red food coloring will make the egg overall bigger than the blue.” However, the data proved that the color of the dye does not affect the osmotic properties of a naked egg in food dye. Both the red and blue food dye at the end of the experiment ended around 100 grams (blue at 99.86, and red at 100.84). By just this, you would tell you that red food coloring caused more of a gain in mass. However, you can tell on the graph above that the increase and decrease of egg mass between days did not differ enough to make that assumption. Because the original red egg was larger at the beginning, this probably explains why it ended up bigger than the blue at the end of the

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