Chemistry Assignment Class 10

Topics: Chlorine, Sodium hydroxide, Hydrochloric acid, Water, Sodium chloride / Pages: 2 (344 words) / Published: Jun 29th, 2013
ROHINI, DELHI-110085 ASSIGNMENT – 2 (2013-14) Acids, Bases and Salts



SUBJECT : Chemistry

What happens when chlorine is passed over slaked lime at 313 K? Write chemical equation of the reaction involved and state two uses of the product obtained.


Write the scientific name and chemical formula of plaster of paris. What happens when water is added to it? Write chemical equation for the reaction and state one property of the product obtained.


Tooth enamel is one of the hardest substance in our body. How does it undergo damage due to eating chocolates and sweets?


Name the gas usually liberated when a dilute acid reacts with a metal. What happens when a burning candle is brought near this gas?


What are the products obtained on heating NaHCO3. Write the chemical equation for the reaction involved in the above. What is the colour of CuSO4 crystals before heating and after heating the crystals? What is meant by water of crystallization of a substance? Describe an activity to show that copper sulphate crystals contain water of crystallization.

Q6. Q7.

Q8. Q9.

What is baking power? How does it make the cake soft and spongy? Write the chemical formula for washing soda. How may it be obtained from baking soda? Name an industrial use of washing soda other than washing clothes.


Name the three products obtained by electrolysis of an aqueous solution of sodium chloride. Why is this process called chlor-alkali process?

Q11. Q12. Q13.

Give Arrlienius definition of an acid and a base. What is observed when SO2is passed through (a) water (b) lime water Write the balanced chemical equation for the following word equations. (a) Dil. H2SO4 reacts with Zn granules (b) Dil. HCl reacts with Mg ribbon (c) Dil H2SO4 reacts with ‘Al’ powder.

Q14. Q15. Q16.

Why do acids not show acidic behavior in the absence of water? Why does distilled water not conduct electricity

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