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An acid-base titration is carried out by adding an acidic titrant to a basic solution. At which point should the titration be stopped and the volume of titrant used be recorded?
Answer : when the solution reaches the endpoint

Question = Buffers are substances, or mixtures of substances, that (help maintain a relatively constant pH when small amounts of acids or bases are added)

Question= Which of the following statements best describes what determines whether an acid is a strong acid or a weak acid? (the degree to which it dissociates in water)

Question =

The phosphate buffer system is found in the internal fluid of all cells. This system consists of dihydrogen phosphate ions in dynamic equilibrium with hydrogen phosphate ions. H2PO4- (aq)    H+ (aq) + HPO4-2 (aq)

If a small amount of base is added to this system, which of the following reactions occurs in order to neutralize the base? Answer(H2PO4- (aq) + OH- (aq)    HPO4-2 (aq) + H2O (l) )


Neutralization reactions typically occur between a strong acid and a strong base to produce a salt and water

When sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) dissolves in water, it partially ionizes. The carbonate (CO3-) ion takes up a hydrogen ion and forms HCO3-. What type of substance is sodium carbonate? Answer (weak base


Which of the following correctly describes the corrosive nature of strong acids and strong bases? Strong acids and strong bases are both usually corrosive.

Question =Acid formulas can be distinguished from base formulas because acid formulas usually               and base formulas             . Answer begin with hydrogen; pair a metal with a hydroxide ion

QUESTION =Svante Arrhenius was a Swedish scientist who developed a unique way of defining acids and bases. How did Arrhenius define acids and bases? ANSWER Acids produce hydronium ions in solution, and bases produce hydroxide ions in solution.

QUESTION= What products are formed...
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