Character Protects Life

Topics: English-language films, Meaning of life, Human Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Character means to perform the individual behavior as setup envisaged by our forefathers based on their long experience for smooth and peaceful social life. Character is totally individual property developed by surroundings and socialization of a human being. The good or bad concept of character differs from society to society and place to place. The crown and glory of life is character. It is noblest possession of man. It exercises a greater power than wealth and secures all the honor without the jealousies of fame. It is true that character protects our life. That is why Indian culture & civilization has given more stress on character building. My father virtually said on many occasions to the family members that if wealth is lost; nothing is lost. Health is lost; something is lost but when character is lost, everything is lost, which is repeatedly taught by our teachers and great men. It means character plays a vital role in social life. At this juncture what am I, in my life, it is by the virtue of my character only. Needless to say that today's world is mischievous. When and where a person will get misguided, no body knows. There are thousand paths to mislead a person. People are misusing power and wealth to divert the thoughts of youth. A number of youths also fall easily into such habits. Percentage of drug addiction is increasing. People are loosing the ethical, social and cultural values. Wealth has become more important than health. Characterless people are the prime suspects of the society. At this critical juncture, only character can protect life. Those who have moral character are always honored by everyone, everywhere. Character saves us from all bad habits and political and social evilness. We can raise our head proudly before family, society and nation at large. Henceforth, to play an important role in erosion of this kind of wicked atmosphere character should be built up to a great level. It is well said that we reap what we sow. If we sow...
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