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JROTC Builds Character and Leadership
The JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is an Army ran cadet program established by the National Defense act in 1916 starting with just six units. Since then this program has flourished and now has over 1,000 units in schools and colleges throughout the nation with more than 274,000 cadets enrolled. The main purpose of JROTC is not to prepare cadets for the military, but to instill certain morals and values into the cadets that will prepare them for whatever path they choose to take in life. It also helps to build good character and leadership skills through the many activities and the concept of ranks enforced throughout the program. Character in the Webster’s dictionary is defined as the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves: someone’s personality. Character is the main component in each and every and every living being here on earth. Your character is what can make you or break you. It can carry you to success or take you straight to failure. Because character is so important, JROTC instructors try their best to instill certain morals and values that will give us a character that will take us to success. For example, by making us stand at the position of attention and if we move we have to do push-ups teaches us discipline which is well-needed in any work field. Good character is paramount to induce sound judgment and fundamental leadership aptitude. Therefore after lessons about good character, lessons about leadership skills come next. Leadership skills are vital to everyone because if not trained to be a leader, people end up being followers and followers usually end up on the bad side of the law. Because JROTC realizes how important leadership skills are, they adapted the concept of ranks into the program. By doing this the cadets get a chance to lead out in certain things not only building their morale but also giving them experience in...
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