Topics: Motivation, Self-esteem, Psychology Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 6, 2013
1. What is the difference between internal and external motivation? Internal motivation is within you, you are able to control it. It is a strong driving force that burns in you in order to achieve success. External motivation is a weaker force, as you do not own the power. You will receiver power and passion to do something from someone who is willing to push you.

2. How can overcoming self-defeating behaviors help you become a better student? Self-defeating behaviors is the factor that will lead to failure. Once they are able to overcome that behavior, they will be able to create their own success, reach their goals and become a successful by embracing the positive outlook on life.

3. How can the “ I CANT” Syndrome affect your classroom performance? The syndrome will make you become so negative. It will change your perspective of life. You will see everything from a negative point of view instead of positive. It creates negative atmosphere wherever you go. Once the syndrome hinders you, you will feel really unmotivated to be successful in class; you will start blaming the professors for your bad grades. Therefore once you have the “I CANT” syndrome, you will not perform well in classroom environment or anywhere.

4.How can identifying your values help you stay motivated?
Once you set a value you will realize your life circle around it. Then you will start to identify and value what matters to you. You will value what matters to you and you will spend more time doing whatever that you value. Things that you work to accomplish are tied to your value. Therefore once you value something, you will stay motivated to accomplish that certain work.

5.Define the word character and discuss how it plays a role in your motivation level. Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. If you have a lively and positive character, it will channel towards your motivation. You will be determined and will do almost anything to achieve or...
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