Chapter 4 Section 1 World History Chapter Outlines

Topics: Europe, Louis XIV of France, Central Europe Pages: 4 (847 words) Published: October 21, 2013

William Barnett
October 18, 2013
1st Period B Day
World History

Chapter 5, Section 1
Spain’s Empire and European Absolutism

I. A Powerful Spanish Empire
a. Philip II, the nephew of King Charles V, inherited Spain, the Spanish Netherlands, and the American colonies. b. Philip was a shy and serious person, like his father, but could be an aggressive leader when needed. c. Europe was going through Reformation when Philip assumed the throne. II. Golden Age of Spanish Art Literature

a. Spain’s wealth supported natives and built palaces.
b. The paintings of El Greco and Diego Velazquez showed both the faith and the pride of Spain during the period. III. The Spanish Empire Weakens
a. Gold and silver brought to Spain made them temporarily wealthy, causing long-term economic problems. b. Severe inflation was a major problem, which is a decline in money value. c. Guilds had previously emerged in the Middle Ages and dominated business in Spain. IV. The Independent Dutch Prosper

a. The Netherlands had become what Florence used to be during the 1400s. b. Various artists were regarded as the best artists in Europe. c. Government stability allowed the Dutch people to concentrate on economic growth. V. Absolutism in Europe

a. Absolute monarchs were rulers who had all the power within the land they ruled. b. Most absolute monarchs believed in divine right, which is the idea that God created the monarchy and the monarch acted as God’s representatives. William Barnett

October 18, 2013
1st Period B Day
World History

Chapter 5, Section 2
The Reign of Louis XIV

I. Religious Wars and Power Struggles
a. Henry was a descendent of medieval king Louis IX, and was a robust, athletic, and handsome person. b. He showed himself to be fearless in battle and a clever politician. c. After Henry’s death, Cardinal Richelieu became the ruler of France because Henry’s son was too weak of a ruler. II. Writers Turn Toward Skepticism

a. French thinkers witnessed religious...
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