Kings and Queens Paper

Topics: Holy Roman Empire, Bishop, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: March 12, 2014
Colton Blanchard
Kings and Queens Paper
Henry IV
Henry IV a Huguenot prince inherited the French throne in 1589. For four years, right after he took up the throne he fiercely fought for control of France against catholic oppression, and to end the fighting finally he changed to Catholicism. Even though he was now officially a catholic, he issued the Edict of Nantes in 1598 that provided Huguenots religious freedom. After all, of that Henry IV set out to fix all the damage he had done. He said his goal was not the victory of one sec over another but “a chicken in every pot”-a good sun-day dinner for every peasant. While Henry ruled, the Government was everywhere officials administered justice, improved roads, built bridges, and revived agriculture. Henry IV was assassinated in 1610 twenty-one years after he inherited the throne which was passed down to his nine year old son Louis XIII. Charles V

In 1516, Charles V became king of Spain and its colonies in the Americas. Charles V was not always called Charles V when he first was king of Spain he was known as Charles I. he changed his name after his other grandfather died and he became the heir to the sprawling Hapsburg Empire which included the Holy Roman Empire and the Netherlands. Therefore, after all was said and done Charles V had control of almost all of South America, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands one of the biggest empires ever! Because Charles had a huge empire, he was involved in constant warfare. He fought to suppress Protestantism in the Germanic states, but after years of fighting, he was forced to allow German princes to choose their own religion. Charles also faced the Muslim Ottoman Empire, which caused major defeats for Spain. Charles V gave up his titles and retired on 1556. He split up his lands between two of his brothers. James II

James II inherited the crown in 1685. He practiced being a catholic openly and hired Catholics into high offices and, he would suspend laws on a...
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