Chapter 3 questions

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, New Jersey Pages: 3 (424 words) Published: November 10, 2013
A.P. U.S. History
Chapter 3
Pages 68-83

Expansion and Native Americans

1. What caused a massive decrease in the numbers of New England Native Americans?
Huge amounts of people fell to conflict and even more to disease.

2. What actions were taken by New Englanders to further the demise of Native tribes?
The New Englanders regularly raided and massacre the native peoples around their towns

3. What were the causes of the Pequot War? The results?
The cause of the Pequot war was a miscommunication and lead to the near extinction of the Pequot

4. List several methods used by New Englander’s though the 1600’s that damaged Native life and culture.
There are many was that the English damaged the ecosystem destroying crops and destroying farmland.

5. How did King Philips’s War differ from the Pequot War?
Guns were much more prevalant with the natives.

6. How was it similar?
Both wars were instigated by increasing numbers of White settlers helping themselves to native lands, establishing settlements and forts; there was also an element of factionalism with certaing native groups taking the side of the British, others with the French or Dutch.

7. How did the Salem panic over witchcraft begin?
After one witch was accused of witchcraft they would generally point the finger at another person

8. Explain the fundamental legal deficiency of “spectral evidence”.
There was almost no factual evidence to supporting the claims and this is where a lot of the finger pointing comes into play.
9. List three patterns that developed during the witch panic.

10. Why do you think the witch trials occurred?
The which trials were a perfect scapegoat for anyone to blame their problems on. The Spread of Slavery

1. Where did many English immigrants and African slaves end up during the 1600’s?
They came to the west Indies

2. What became the main crop of the West Indies?
Sugar cane.

3. Where did many immigrants...
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