Explain the advantages and disadvantages facing both the English and American colonists going into the Revolution

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*Explain the advantages and disadvantages facing both the English and American colonists going into the Revolution.
The British and the American colonists had both advantages and disadvantages throughout the Revolutionary War resulting in many deadly battles. The British seemed to be at an upper hand with a highly trained and professional army. At this time, Brittan has the most powerful army on the globe, including their Navy that had total control of the seas. Effecting almost all of their normal tactics was the fact they were fighting on unfamiliar soil. Fighting far from home, supplies, troops, and military orders took time to be received. With a strong central government, they had militias in colonies posted up ready to go in Boston, New York and in other major cities. Also the British had the support of 1/3 of the American colonists’ population behind them so gaining intelligence, food and even troops. Despite having a powerful army, they lacked in motivation and punished their troops with back slashes for simple things. On the other hand the Americans strongest aspect was their desire to be free. They were at the advantage to be fighting on their home ground but had untrained soldiers and a small army with food and ammunition shortage but having shorter supply lines so getting supply quickly. The Americans had a style of fighting they learned from the Native Americans that the British were not ready for. They fought using the ambush stealth technique in which let the British to the weeds to where they got picked off. The Americans were also fighting with skilled officers such as Charles Lee that was an ex British and Lord Sterling that was Scottish and known to have no question for his bravery. The American Colonies were alliance with the Spanish so they were provided with medicine and things needed. Overall despite the disadvantages and the British Advantages, The American Colonies came out on top and won the Revolutionary War with a smarter strategy....
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