Chapter 3 Questions

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1. Which of the following is not one of the advantages of iron over bronze?

[A] Iron is easier to obtain.

[B] There are many potential sources of iron ore.

[C] Iron is more decorative.

[D] Iron is a single metal.

[E] Iron has a harder edge.

2. The Late Bronze Age in the Middle East was a “cosmopolitan era” because

[A] it was primarily an urban-based society.

[B] different groups of people remained isolated.

[C] people traveled so often, getting to know each other.

[D] the lifestyles were radically different from all that had gone before.

[E] elements of the culture were widely shared.

3. The foremost power in Anatolia from 1700 to 1200 B.C.E. was the

[A] Medes.

[B] Assyrians.

[C] Kassites.

[D] Hittites.

[E] Babylonians.

4. During the Late Bronze Age, important Middle Eastern states shared a vital interest in the trade of

[A] horses.

[B] metals.

[C] silk.

[D] slaves.

[E] wool.

5. After the Middle Kingdom, Egypt came under foreign domination for the first time under the

[A] Hittites.

[B] Hebrews.

[C] Hyksos.

[D] Hansa.

[E] Huns.

6. The era of the New Kingdom in Egypt is characterized by restoration of Egyptian rule and

[A] a return to isolationism.

[B] a military alliance with the Hittites.

[C] expansion north into Syria and south into Nubia.

[D] a return to democracy.

[E] Nubian rebellion.

7. Queen Hatsheput of Egypt wanted a course for myrrh resin, which was

[A] believed to ward off evil spirits.

[B] believed to keep royalty young forever.

[C] a fragrant substance burned on Egyptian altars.

[D] used in mummification of the Egyptian pharaohs.

[E] a necessary material used in early ship building.

8. The pharaoh Akhenaten is credited by many historians with

[A] damaging the economy beyond repair.

[B] implementing political reforms that harmed the majority of Egyptians.

[C] linking his wealth to the traditional system.

[D] permanently reforming corrupt temple priests in Egypt.

[E] the invention of monotheism.

9. The pharaoh Tutankhamun is most famous

[A] for making Egypt into an aggressive world power.

[B] because he ended the Akhenaten reforms.

[C] being the pharaoh who freed the Hebrews from slavery.

[D] as being the only ruler defeated by a foreign army.

[E] for the discovery by archaeologists of his wealthy tomb.

10. Transportation in Western Asia was revolutionized in the Later Bronze Age by the introduction of the

[A] zebu.

[B] elephant.

[C] oxen.

[D] horse.

[E] chariot.

11. The Minoan civilization was established in

[A] the island of Malta.

[B] southwestern Macedonia.

[C] southern Greece.

[D] the hills of Anatolia.

[E] the island of Crete.

12. Although Minoan writing is undeciphered, Minoan artifacts indicate that

[A] they disliked goods from other lands.

[B] they came from Anatolia.

[C] most Minoans were illiterate.

[D] they had widespread trade connections.

[E] they were completely isolated from the Mediterranean world.

13. The Minoan civilization collapsed around

[A] 1850 B.C.E.

[B] 1450 B.C.E.

[C] 1050 B.C.E.

[D] 850 B.C.E.

[E] 350 B.C.E.

14. What did German businessman Heinrich Schleiman find in 1876?

[A] the evidence of the Mycenaean civilization

[B] the evidence of the Minoan civilization

[C] the evidence of Sumerian civilization

[D] the tomb of Pharoah Akhenaten

[E] the acropolis in Greece

15. The rise of Mycenaean civilization can be explained primarily through cultural influence from

[A] Egypt.

[B] Anatolia.

[C] Crete.

[D] Syria.

[E] Macedonia.

16. The myths and literary practices of the Mycenaeans may be traced in

[A] The Epic of Gilgamesh.

[B] Homer’s Iliad.

[C] Virgil’s Aeneid.

[D] The Secret History of Mycenae.

[E] Hesiod’s Works and Days.

17. Early Greek communities such as Mycenae, Thebes, and Pylos were organized...
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