Topics: Motivation, Learning, Linguistics Pages: 12 (1723 words) Published: January 18, 2015
Research Project
Topic: Motivation Factors in Language Learning of English Major Students

Professor: Dr. Lurida D. Ramos
Group III: Cuaton, Marie Renzie
Dionisio, Kaithlyn Kate
Gapate, Danielle Ann
Miralpes, Jhulie-Ann
Pacupac, Dessa

I. Introduction
The use of language is essential to every aspect and interaction in our everyday lives. Language is the source of communication. It is the way through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. There are uncountable languages in this world and one of these languages is English. English, being the language that is accepted throughout the world, is the language that is worth mastering. It is a world language that opens doors to those who can speak it fluently. It may be challenging to learn at first but there is one factor which is often set aside that can help the language learners especially the English major students to learn this language and that is called motivation. Non-English speaking students even some English majors lack the confidence and preparation to be verbally and actively engaged in the classroom. Students may frequently display hesitation in learning to speak English. In language learning, motivation has been labeled as a key factor for success. Clément, 1980; Dörnyei, 1998; Tremblay & Gardner, 1995; Deci & Ryan, 1985 stated that, “Language learners with high levels of motivation will be more successful than those who exhibit more negative attitudes towards learning it.” When some experts talk about language learning, they usually mentioned different methodologies and generate strategies that can support language learners but the word “motivation” was frequently disregarded by language specialists.

“Motivation has been called the ―neglected heart of language teaching.”

The success of any action usually depends on the extent to which individuals strive to attain their purpose, along with their desire to do so. In general people have come to refer to this psychological factor – the impulse that generates the action – as motivation, While Gardner (1982). Clément (1980) stated that, “The adult learner needs pressure and desperation to learn the language fast.” Language learners are driven by their desire to go beyond on their survival goals; they may seek to learn and use the language for self-empowerment or to transform some aspect of their life. Motivation is the mental and emotional quality that leads people to achieve a goal. The term motivation was intensely supported in 1985 by Gardner who defined motivation as being “the combination of effort plus desire to achieve the goal of learning the language plus favorable attitudes toward learning the language” ( p. 10). For language learners, mastery of a language may be a goal. For others, communicative competence or even basic communication skills could be a goal. Work by Gardner, Clément, Dörnyei, Usioda and McIntyre are perhaps most known if not all accepted. When you are not motivated, you won’t show up to learn your target language. It is possible to learn many things in a short time but to truly learn a language to fluency, it needs years of study and practice. In language learning, the language learners need a dream or goal to work towards it. II. Background

Motivation is vital in language learning. It makes language learners positive about their own learning. It also creates the drive in them to acquire the targeted language, enjoy the learning process, and experience real communication. Moreover, experience of success and satisfaction has a strong connection with motivation. By realizing their improvement and achievement, students always gain the feeling of success. We notice that there are students who got intimidated when they are required to speak English and this affects their class performance. This phenomena interests us to continue searching for ways that will help the students get motivated to master second language....
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