Aims and Objectives of Teaching English

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Aims and Objectives of Teaching English .Unit-1.B
Unit-1 Sub point-B
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A] Aims and objectives of teaching English at secondary level

The following are the main objectives of teaching English at secondary level.

1.To develop knowledge and understanding of Grammar.
2.To develop abilities to make use of the grammar in own writing English. 3.To understand the meaning of English passage.
4.To develop interest in reading English passages/ literatures. 5.To develop self study habit.
6.To enhance competencies in writing essays and gist of the passage in own words/ language. 7.To develop their insight and favorable attitude towards English language. 8.To developing the understanding about rules of grammar and their use in writing English. B] Aims and objectives of teaching English at Higher secondary level

1.Motivate students for more studying English language.
2.To encourage for composing poems and writing essay.
3.To develop the ability for grasping the theme of poem or English passage. 4.To encourage the students for writing the meaning or theme of poem or passage in their own words. 5.To develop the ability of appreciation of ideas and criticizing the thinking. 6.To develop the creativity of the students related to verbal ability and reasoning or fluency of language. 7.To develop the ability of understanding of other school subjects. 8.To develop the mastery of language for expressing his ideas, feelings and experiences. 9.To develop the ability of evaluation and analysis of language components. 10.To develop the values, moral and character of the students.

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