Chapter 1

Topics: Mobile phone, Electricity, Energy Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: November 5, 2014

Energy especially heat and electrical energy is one of the necessity we need to live in the 21st century. Eating and communicating with others is included in Maslow heirchy of needs. It’s simple in order to live we need to eat and in order to eat we need to cook and in order to cook we need to use energy. We use heat to cook the food we eat and warm our drinks in the cold season. We use electricity to power the appliances, computers, and communication devices. Nowadays almost every people in the Philippines adults, elderly, and even children has their own electronic gadgets or device commonly cell phones and tablets that they use in their everyday life for work, studies, entertainment, and especially for communicating with others. And we have one common problem charging its batteries. This design can benefit anybody who uses wood or charcoal to cook their food while powering their electronic devices and gadgets. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The demand in energy is one of the biggest problem around the world. In some place in the Phillipines usualy in the province they have cellphone and radio signal but they have no electrical power lines to charge their communication devices such as radio and cellular phone. Not every time we can use electrical outlets what if we are in a rural area where electrical power is not available. Also in case of emergency in the urban area example a super typhoon hit a city and cause power shutdown. This study will cover and focus the following problems, and the whole research will sought to answer it: How can we convert heat energy into useful electrical energy.What type of thermoelectric generator will be used that has the highest efficiency? How can we use the unstable unregulated DC power produce by the T.E.G to a useful DC power to charge a 12V battery and our electronic gadgets.
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