Chaos City Essay Outline

Topics: Political philosophy, Political science, Law Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: March 17, 2015
I. Introduction: Through research I will explain the background to Chaos City’s problems and using the classical scholars’ definition, provide workable solutions to their challenges

Thesis Statement:

a. Organization is vital to the survival of Chaos City, it is necessary to find positive workable solutions that solve community problems.

i. Workable solutions are vital to the survival of any community.

ii. A good infrastructure is key in any community notwithstanding there is stability in doctrine.

iii. Community problems will cause Chaos City to fail if not handled properly.

c. The purpose of this essay to explain the background to Chaos City problems and find workable solutions using the classical scholars’ definitions.

II. Body

Alien Invasion

1. Problems

a. There is no leadership.
i. People revert to animal instincts when no leadership in place.

b. There is a lack of organized political structure.

c. There is lack of distribution of wealth.

III. Classical Scholars.

i. David Easton: said that politics is “the authoritative allocation of values for a society.”

ii. Harold Lasswell: said “"politics determines the process of "who gets what, when, and how." This means that politics determines what policies and goals the political system will pursue.”

iii. Hans Morgenthau: said” Political realism believes that politics, like society in general, is governed by objective laws that have their roots in human nature. In order to improve society it is first necessary to understand the laws by which society lives. The operation of these laws being impervious to our preferences, men will challenge them only at the risk of failure/”

IV. Conclusion:

I have shown that when background problems to a chaotic problem are not handled, the community suffers in large. I have shown through my research that with the right political structure in place a community such as Chaos City can survive.

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